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 Who we are looking for

We are always looking for creative types, developers, and nerds who share our vision and cannot imagine doing anything else but working in our bold, interactive world.
Speculative Application

What is Important to Us

We hate long lists with meaningless job descriptions and unrealistic expectations. Instead, we give you a look at our personal attitudes and principles. Our "plant nursery" is divided into the two areas Creation and Development. We use a wide range of tools depending on the requirements.

Anyone who wants to work with us has to share our fascination with realtime 3D.


In development we mostly work with Unity3D and three.js. However, a sound base of understanding is more important to us than absolute mastery of a technology. Though we like C# better than JavaScript, and like Java better than Objective-C, we will program anything that is bold, interactive, and three-dimensional. Flexibility, foresight, and an ability to abstract are some of the most important traits. 

Webdeveloper [m/f/d] 

3D Graphics-Programmer [m/f/d]

What we offer


Flexible working hours


30 vacation days

vacation plus

Three additional days off


Drinks and snacks included

fast connection

Good connection to local public transport

healthy atmosphere

A cooperative, faire working climate

we love kicker

Table Soccer for working breaks

fire and flame

A team that's on fire