Competence in Design and 3D Realtime [redPlant Realtime Studio]

Design meets Realtime

In our labs, design and development collide to really make a splash. This is where all of our fields of competence come together for you and your project, and where new possibilities come to life. Our team is Inspired. Interdisciplinary. Individual.

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Presenting your product in an application with all materials, colors, and product properties – a 3D Realtime Configurator makes it possible. 

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Your products deserve more than just a film! Interactive visualizations give customers an individual, direct, and emotional product experience.

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Present your company and your content in the best possible form. Whether trade show, point of sale, or showroom. We make you shine! 

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Learning Applications

Complex content can be conveyed more quickly and efficiently with interactive applications. Increase individual learning achievement through innovation and fun!

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Games / Serious Games

Why shouldn't you learn some anatomy while shooting aliens? The same goes for other areas – it's easy with tailor-made Serious Games.

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AR / VR Applications

It's still not enough and you want to dive in even deeper? Augmented and Virtual Reality applications provide even more intensive immersion!

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Whether server application, Content Management System, or GPU based cloud rendering, we develop the right Backend for your application.

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Your Application

Individual products have individual requirements. We have the right solution for your special case.

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Any Platform. Any Device.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? We develop our applications for all kinds of platforms and always responsive. So they are ready, come what may.
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Advantage trough Technology


WebGL is a Drawing Library on Steroids... Limitless 3D in your browser. 2D web sites were yesterday.


Maximum performance for maximum platform independence. The game engine Unity3D lets us implement even the most complex ideas.

Native Apps

Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Gladly directly in Objective C, Java, or C# – We are multilingual.

Hybrid Applications

Combination of modern web technologies with native features – we use the best of both.

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, or Gear VR – we have access to all virtual worlds.

Augmented Reality

Combination of real and virtual content for on the go. Smart phone, tablet, or Microsoft Hololens – in AR, the device is irrelevant.

Human Computer Interaction

Multitouch, laser scanner, camera tracking, RFID, capacitive, infrared, iBeacon, depth sensors, etc....


We adapt - to whatever the project requirements may be.

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Practice What You Preach!

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KISS - Keep it Simple and Stupid

We are always open to your projects and ideas. We don't shrink from complex requirements and structures. Together with you and your team we tackle the job and make it clear and easily comprehensible for your customers.

That is waiting for you

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Every product is unique, like our applications. To deliver on that promise, we gladly immerse ourselves in new worlds and develop your individual, tailor-made application. Our projects become emotional product experiences for every single recipient. 

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One thing we can say for our applications with absolute certainty is that they are visual. We don't want to bore or even overwhelm your users with endless forms, but convince them with targeted design. We take them to a realm that offers them enough freedom for individual expression.

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We take great care that our applications are easy to operate. We don't want the customer to gather experience and make decisions based on confusing and static forms, but immediately at the center of the action.

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Our applications are based on Realtime technologies. This allows us to visualize your customer's wishes directly on the product and evaluate changes immediately. The customer receives a lasting impression of the final product, which strengthens the emotional connection to it .

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In order to satisfy all customer needs, individual products offer a huge range of variations. Our applications support this individuality, as we can expand them with new components, materials, or other product properties at any time and virtually without limitations.

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Behind every complex, individual product, there is time and cost intensive development, data maintenance, and individual logic. Our applications build on these existing data structures or involve them directly.

icon learning process


The aim of our applications is to significantly reduce the cost and time effort required for generating customer-specific combinations. Individual adjustments can be visualized and discussed immediately. This prevents misunderstandings and reduces error costs.

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As individual products have to change with the times and adapt to customer needs, their visualizations also have to keep pace with current trends. Whether new features or presentation in a VR environment, we take your application in any direction you need.

icon responsive desktop tablet cellphone


Our applications are designed individually to match the product and brand. Whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone, mouse or touch, horizontal or vertical – our applications are designed to adapt to all circumstances.

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Our applications run on all commonly used and current systems. Whether integrated into a company's web presence or on a desktop, mobile, or 3D Glasses – we are 3D omnipotent.

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State of the art

In our work, we rely on developing and researching new concepts and technologies to make sure that we have the answer to any individual challenge posed by a project. 

icon reusable


The 3D data we generate can be reused 1:1 in virtually all other real time applications. Regardless of whether they were created from CAD data or modelled from scratch, no redundant data processing is needed.