Studio redplant introduces itself [redPlant Realtime Studio]
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One Team - One Passion

The best ideas come up when very different competences and personalities work together. This is why we consider you and your project part of our team.

redplant realtime studio icon since 2011

founded 2011

redpplant realtime studio icon düsseldorf

In the Heart of Düsseldorf

redplant realtime studio icon 300qm

300 qm playing surface

redplant realtime studio icon coffee

20.634 drunken Coffees

redplant realtime studio icon chilli

We love Chili

redplant realtime studio icon color

fave color

redplant realtime studio icon kicker

1 football table

redplant realtime studio icon 3d omnipotent

3D Omnipotent

The best ideas are born in teams

redplant annika moeser management

Annika Pflug

Management Director

redplant thomas reufer management

Thomas Reufer

Management Director

redplant development lutz hoeren

Lutz Hören


redplant development patrick kellerberg

Patrick Kellerberg


redplant development jan eichler

Jan Eichler


redplant development fatih koyuncu

Fatih Koyuncu


Sam Mansour


redplant creation ruth bittlinsky2

Ruth Bittlinsky


redplant creation jannis chris2

Jannis Christ


redplant creation giuseppe costantini

Giuseppe Costantini


Madelaine Mihaltan


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How it All Began

Annika, Martin, and Thomas had a vision of freeing three-dimensional content from its constraints. While working toward their Master's degrees, they pooled their conception and software development skills and founded redPlant in 2011.