Let Us Walk You Through It

You are wondering what working with us might be like and what our processes are?  
These steps will take us to success together.

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Get To Know

Our top priority is to understand your idea completely. In a kick-off event, we work with you to define the requirements for your project. That way we can give you sound advice from day one.

process definition

Create and Define

The results of the Getting To Know are packaged into a content and technology concept, and we define the proper tools for the implementation.

process LookAndFeel

Look and Feel

To give shape to our project, we generate a design, User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX) and coordinate them with you interactively.

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Shape and Surface

All 3D content is matched to the Look and Feel. We can build on CAD models or create 3D models according to your specifications.

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Bring to Life

In the programming phase, all of these creations come together and we bring them to life. The individual parts are combined to form a whole.

Launch and Maintain

After the successful launch, we continue to take care of your project and develop new features. We are here for you.