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3D Configurator for terrace boards

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Every year brings a new 3D configurator to light! The long-term cooperation between synthetic material retailer Rexin from Dorsten and redPlant Realtime Studios stands for individual and first-class 3D configurators for individual house and garden design. In addition to the 3D configurators for patio roofs, canopies and balcony railings, another one for terrace boards was added in 2021 - the REXOfloor 3D configurator.

Terrace boards made to measure

The 3D configurator REXOfloor offers you the possibility to equip your terrace with REXOfloor terrace boards in no time and accurate to the centimeter. Select the desired terrace shape, enter your dimensions and choose from various profile shapes and colors. You have full control to design your terrace according to your wishes.


Rectangle, corner, L- and U-shape – the 3D configurator offers various terrace shapes for the configuration of terrace boards. The boards are laid within this area. In the next step, you can determine the individual side lengths, even to the centimeter if desired.

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It has a profile ...

Not all boards are the same. In the configurator you can choose between different profiles: The smart profile 'Grip' and the high-quality and slightly rounded profile 'Relax'. What makes the 'Grip' profile particularly smart is its two profile sides. In the 3D configurator, you have to choose between the rough or the fine profile side, but at home you have both variants at your disposal.

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... and style

All boards are made of lightweight but highly durable aluminium. The color or finish makes the difference. You can currently choose from four different decors. All decors can be selected separately from the profile, allowing you to configure your terrace to match your house facade or garden.

Details make the difference

Rexin has, as always, thought of all the important accessories, so that your terrace leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to facilitating installation, these also help to optimize the appearance and durability of your terrace. They are calculated to fit your planned terrace area and are optionally provided.

Ground claws

Aids for laying the floor boards on the aluminum substructure.

Edge profile

Precisely fitted and attractive aluminium finish for the floor boards.

Groove seal

Sealing of individual aluminium decking boards to prevent weeds and dirt.

Anti-slip pad

For fixing the decking boards to the substructure, as well as reducing the impact noise.

A look under the scenes

The configurator allows you to have a look at the substructure of your planning, so that you can plan your entire terrace in detail. The cross battens made of aluminum profiles are calculated correctly for each configuration and visualized to scale, just like the terrace boards.

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Once spoiled - always spoiled!

With REXOfloor you do not plan in a vacuum, but in a harmonious garden scene. Of course, this Rexin configurator also provides you with various options for customizing the house. You can choose from different colors for the facade or window frames to adapt the house a little to your circumstances.

webgl konfigurator dekoration rexin rexofloor

Plan and feel good!

The absolute highlight of the environment, however, is the decoration of the terrace with various furniture and plants. Depending on how much space is available in your terrace design, the 3D configurator decides which ensemble it will use and visualize it on your terrace. However, if this is too much for you and you would rather focus on the design of your terrace planks, there is an option to hide all furniture and plants on the terrace.

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Family addition

After 7 years of cooperation between the synthetic material retailer Rexin and redPlant Realtime Studios, the REXOfloor 3D configurator is already the 7th in the Rexin family history. As always, you will find all products on the overview page in the 3D configurator and can thus quickly and easily switch between the different 3D configurators. And there is no end in sight.

Change of scenery

No matter how inviting the virtual 3D environment is designed, it cannot replace your own house and garden. From now on, however, you can easily imagine the configured product in your own home environment. Because in 2021, the feature to replace the 3D environment with a background photo was integrated in all 3D configurators. Simply upload a photo, align the size and perspective of the product in front of it and you're done.

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webgl konfigurator umgebung spot rexin rexofloor

Environment off - Spot on!

No matter how nice it is already to be able to view your product in a harmonious environment, for planning it is sometimes also necessary to focus on the essentials. This new feature integrated in 2021 extends the configurator and offers the option to hide the entire scene. For the perfect viewing angle of the product, a free 360 degree rotation around the product is enabled in contrast to the display with surrounding scene.

Store connection

Like all Rexin 3D configurators, REXOfloor is also connected to the Rexin Onlineshop. This allows you to quickly and easily transfer your configuration into the shopping cart of the online store. Thanks to the automatically generated parts list, you always have a complete overview of the store items that make up your current configuration. Then you can comfortably complete your purchase as usual via the online store.

Everything in one place

Thanks to the newly developed REXOplatform, all configurators, products, internal settings and resellers can be processed and managed in one central location.


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The configurator was implemented in WebGL and is available without plugins in all common browsers.

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Responsive Design

The configurator is available on smartphone to desktop thanks to the Responsive Design.

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Individual ID

Each configuration is assigned an individual ID and can be recalled at any time. 

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Real-time prices

With each change of the configuration, the price is recalculated and displayed clearly.

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Easy switch

Switch dynamically between all Rexin configurators with just a few clicks.

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The Shopware interface enables direct purchase of the railing in the Rexin online store.

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Data sheet

For each configuration an individual data sheet can be generated on click.

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If it is configurable, it is producible. Only valid configurations can be created.