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easySolution VR Journey

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Supporting more than 2500 fitness facilities with its innovative software solutions, easySolution GmbH is one of the leading providers in the industry. For FIBO 2019, the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, easySolution wanted to present its products in a completely different way. redPlant conceptualized, designed and developed the impressive world of easy Solution in Virtual Reality for HTC Vive Pro.

Who's got the biggest one?

Having the largest exhibition stand and being able to present the entire range of products - that's what most exhibitors want, but what's the next big thing? The infinity of virtual reality! Fade out the entire trade fair stress for a short moment and immerse into a completely new experience. easySolution and redPlant make it possible with the easySolution VR Journey!

Immerse and descend!

Dive into the fascinating world of easySolution and get to know the possibilities of their software. Within the VR Lounge at the fair, you will be catapulted directly to the gate of the easySolution world. After a short scan, the world opens its gates and your breathtaking journey begins. Accompanied by the little talkative easyRobo, you explore the pillars of easySolution world. Meet exotic animals, dreamlike islands and futuristic buildings!

Wicked! I love this shit!

– Michael, visitor of FIBO 2019

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Can’t touch this?

Getting started with the journey, the VR lounge at the trade fair was virtually reproduced in order to experience a pleasant transition into virtual reality. To begin your journey, you will have to examine your surroundings carefully. You will notice that your journey only begins if you are brave enough and press the buzzer!

You're not alone

A synthetic voice accompanies you on your journey in different forms and presents you the different possibilities of the easySolution world! Being flexible to the last minute and doing changes whenever you want, the synthetic voice offers a good alternative to a real speaker.

Battle of senses

Experience a totally crazy VR adventure which will give you more than just one adrenaline kick! Fly through clouds, plunge into unpredictable depths and get carried away by the undertow! This and much more awaits you on your journey through the easySolution world!

Awesome! It was very realistic. At some point I really thought the floor is about to fall apart!

– David, visitor of FIBO 2019

Palm tree, flamingo, seagull & Co.

All the 3D models including animations, rigs and textures were made and brought to life by redPlant specifically for the easySolution VR world. On your journey, you will encounter a diverse flora & fauna, futuristic architectures as well as many other elements!

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Visual Effects

Particle effects were used for the visualisation of smoke. They were optimized to run smoothly in realtime. They offer a realistic impression and vividness. Volumetric clouds function as depth and movement indicant and contribute to an ethereal atmosphere of the easySolution world.

Amazing! With such intent on the details at the end when the dolphin shoots through the water... Super!

– Guido, visitor of FIBO 2019

Please don't stop the music

The easySolution VR Journey relies on a brilliant 3D sound that directs your focus on special events. The various sound sources are always positioned on the right spot in the three-dimensional space so that, for example, the volume decreases with increased distance. The 3D sound also supports depth perception and provides a realistic sound backdrop.

HTC Vive Pro

Compared to the HTC Vive, the HTC Vive Pro lets the easySolution world shine much clearer and in even stronger colours with its increased number of pixels by almost 80 percent. Because of the integrated headphones and the even more accurate tracking, you can now immerse completely into the virtual world and let yourself be thrilled by the modern design.


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The easySolution VR Journey was created with Unity3D.

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HTC Vive Pro

Total immersion thanks to the technology of the new HTC Vive Pro.

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3D Sound

A realistic sound backdrop draws attention to the right spots.

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Virtually replicated rooms and objects provide more reality.