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With its longstanding experience and professionalism, the synthetic material retailer Rexin is your ideal partner for products all around the house and garden. Aside from the configurator for terrace roofing from the REXOcomplete, REXOclassic and REXOpremium series, redPlant and Rexin have worked together again to create the next configurator for porches in the REXOvita product line.

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Thought through

The product line REXOvita is based on the similar basic construction and features of REXOpremium terrace roofing. Therefore, the setup and parametrisation of basic construction as well as parts of the features were adapted to create the REXOvita configurator. Additionally new options exclusive of the REXOvita product line were added.

Cosy little home

All customers that have already used the configurator for terrace roofing will be familiar with the 3D environment of the porch configurator. The house, including the garden, have been expanded with a front yard and entrance area. As in the configurator for terrace roofing, the front and window colours can be matched again to the conditions at home.

Change of scenery

No matter how inviting the virtual 3D environment is designed, it cannot replace your own house and garden. From now on, however, you can easily imagine the configured product in your own home environment. Because in 2021 the feature to replace the 3D environment by a background photo was integrated in all 3D configurators. Simply upload a photo, align the size and perspective of the product in front of it and you're done.

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Everything under one roof

During the implementation of the REXOvita configurator, jump labels were integrated in both configurators to allow you to switch comfortably between both product lines. By doing this, one can switch to the configurator for terrace roofing while in the porch configurator and vice versa. With this, Rexin allows its customers well-matched configurations of the Rexin product line.

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Environment off - Spot on!

No matter how nice it is already to be able to view your product in a harmonious environment, for planning it is sometimes also necessary to focus on the essentials. This new feature integrated in 2021 extends the configurator and offers the option to hide the entire scene. For the perfect viewing angle of the product, a free 360 degree rotation around the product is enabled in contrast to the display with surrounding scene.

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Always present

As in the previous configurator, you can create your porch without any loss of quality, even on tablets and smartphones. The implementation in WebGL guarantees that the 3D configurator is available on all common browsers.

Always up to date

With every change of your porch configuration, the current parts list and the calculation of the latest total price are generated. This gives the user full transparency regarding the price of their assembly in the configurator.

konfigurator webgl datasheet rexin

So that you have all important information of your porch on paper, you can generate a data sheet of your current configuration. Aside from the product list, it includes the total price and pictures of the configuration as well as the configuration ID, with which you can retrieve your configuration at any time.

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Signed, sealed and delivered

Thanks to the direct interface to the shop system Shopware, you can transfer your porch to the Rexin online shop’s shopping cart and pay with common online payment systems.

Everything under one hat

Thanks to the newly developed REXOplatform, all configurators, products, internal settings and resellers can be processed and managed in one central location.


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The configurator has been implemented in WebGL and is available on all common browsers without plugins.

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Responsive Design

The configurator is available on smartphone, tablets and desktop PCs thanks to its responsive design.

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Individual ID

Each configuration is assigned an individual ID and can be retrieved again at any time.

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Realtime prices

With each change of the configuration the price is recalculated and displayed clearly.

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Jump labels

Thanks to the jump labels, one can switch between configurators dynamically. 

icon shopware


The interface of the shop system Shopware enables you to purchase the porch in the Rexin online shop.

icon pdf document

Data sheet

An individual data sheet can be generated for each configuration.

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If it can be configured, it can be produced. The configurator allows only valid configurations.