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The planlauf GmbH is a reliable partner for the calculation and measurement of machines and machining processes. With this know-how and the fascination for hiking, the specially developed application "planlauf/TERRAIN" was created. In order to make it available to hikers on their mobile phone when discovering nature, redPlant was commissioned to develop a hiking App for iOS.

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Hike together

The first challenge was to find a name for the app. Step by step under the name "Hike & Seek" the entire appearance arised in close cooperation with planlauf. This occasionally included live tests outside in nature.

Impressive Routes

The Hike & Seek App provides selected and discovery-rich hiking routes - an individual hiking experience with different levels of difficulty, pre-calculated elevation profiles and many additional features.

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The exact geological condition of the terrain can be explored through the high-resolution 3D terrain model. Archaeologically interesting points such as burial mounds or dilapidated tower hill castles are just as recognizable as old quarries, medieval hollow paths and traces of centuries-old mining.

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Details on Demand

The user receives all relevant route information before downloading. The distance, start and end point, maximum ascents and descents as well as a short description of the route are summarized in a clear and concise way.

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Back to the Route

For optimal orientation in the field, the Hike & Seek app is equipped with GPS tracking. This allows to precissely display the current position of the hiker on the route. If you depart from your route during hiking, the distance to the nearest trackpoint can always be calculated and displayed.

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The app has various filter functions. Hikers can choose the region, degree of difficulty and distance to individually find the best routes. This filtering guarantees the most suitable route for every hiking enthusiast.

Just in Time

By pressing the "Start" button an individual time measurement is started. This can be paused at any time during the hike to make new discoveries apart from the route or simply to take a break.

My Routes

Hike & Seek works without login. All downloaded routes are saved directly on the device. To free memory space, routes can be deleted at any time from your device. Don't worry, nothing is lost - already downloaded routes can be downloaded once again for free.


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iOS App

Developed in iOS and available in the iOS Store.

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Responsive on all iOS Devices. The Design adapts to the specific device.

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Integrated GPS tracking for individual location determination.

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Individuelle Routen

Individual filter function for suitable routes.

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3D Geländedaten

Overview of the terrain through integrated 3D terrain data.