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The plastics manufacturer Kunststoffhandel Rexin has built its 40 year reputation on a high level of productivity and personal customer service. To interactively support that service mentality, the idea of a configurator for terrace roofings was conceived. The team of redPlant developed the 3D configurator in WebGL to make customers terrace roofing dreams become reality.
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Billions of Possibilities

The user can define the exact width and depth of the canopy, and select from a multitude of materials, colors, and accessories. With three different canopy systems, the 3D Realtime Configurator offers several billion configuration options.

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The configurator can also be used on tablets and smartphones without compromising on quality. Thanks to WebGL, it works in all modern browsers.

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Realistic Materials

In order to realistically show the physical properties of the materials, we developed special shaders and optimized them for the different platforms.

rexin webgl configurator datasheet with online shop connection


The individual configuration can then be saved as a link or in a datasheet. All items of the configuration can be placed directly in the shop's shopping basket or be requested as a separate offer.


Due to the complexity of the canopy systems, the implementation of the configuration logic was highly demanding. During the design process, the application ensures that the user can create only valid configurations. If it can be configured - it can be built.

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Home Sweet Home

Facade and window colors can be adapted individually to the conditions in the user's home.

Change of scenery

No matter how inviting the virtual 3D environment is designed, it cannot replace your own house and garden. From now on, however, you can easily imagine the configured product in your own home environment. Because in 2021 the feature to replace the 3D environment by a background photo was integrated in all 3D configurators. Simply upload a photo, align the size and perspective of the product in front of it and you're done.

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Real Time Pricing

Every click results in a real time price check. This provides the user with full transparency at any time.

rexin webgl konfigurator konfiguration mit markise gruen

Choose your Awning

As a new feature the user can choose an integrated awning to the configuration. The feature allows a selection of six different fabric colors and two different frame colors.

rexin webgl konfigurator ueberdachung ohne staenderwerk image compare rexin webgl konfigurator ueberdachung mit staenderwerk image compare

Frame Work

Using the "Frame Work" Feature offers the opportunity to add additional pillars to the configuration. This ensures an attachment of every roofing even if the outer wall is not substantially built.

rexin webgl konfigurator seitenwaende holz beidseitig

Adjusted Side Walls

The yet existing aluminium side walls offered in two designs, have been amplified with a diversity of wooden side walls. It is possible to add them at both sides of the roofing or only at one side with a selection of heights between 0,9 and 2,1 meters. This leads to a better design adaption between side walls and roofing.

webgl konfigurator umgebung spot rexin roofing

Environment off - Spot on!

No matter how nice it is already to be able to view your product in a harmonious environment, for planning it is sometimes also necessary to focus on the essentials. This new feature integrated in 2021 extends the configurator and offers the option to hide the entire scene. For the perfect viewing angle of the product, a free 360 degree rotation around the product is enabled in contrast to the display with surrounding scene.

construction data-sheet

With one klick on the button "Konfiguration" the konfiguration-view changes into a construction-view with all the appropriate dimensioning. This can be considered in a 360 degree view as well as in three different default positions. That optimization faciliates the attachment of the configurated roofing.

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Everything under one hat

Thanks to the newly developed REXOplatform, all configurators, products, internal settings and resellers can be processed and managed in one central location.


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The illustration of the canopy is done in WebGL to make it available on as many devices as possible.

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Individual Configuration

All configurations receive an individual URL. The configuration can be reconstructed at any time using this URL.

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Billions of Possibilities

The Rexin products were integrated in the 3D Realtime Configurator with their configuration logic. This generates several billion configuration options.

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Responsive Design

The optimized User Interface can be used across platforms.