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Science for a better life - the motto of the Bayer Group reflects the company's passion for research and development in the health and agricultural fields. The road to innovative solutions for man and animal is often long and winding. Nevertheless, Bayer wants even laypersons to understand the process. redPlant, together with the RMH MEDIA GmbH won a pitch and subsequently developed five Serious Games that illustrate and explain these complicated processes in a playful way.

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From Molecule to Medicine

All Serious Games were developed for the research field "From Molecule to Medicine". They explain fundamental techniques and process in the field of pharmaceutical research.

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For Young and Old

The application is suitable for all ages. We ensured intuitive operation via the User Interface and avoided drawn-out explanations. This guarantees a high quality User Experience.

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Multi Platform

The Serious Games were created with Unity3D and published as Standalone, mobile application, and WebGL versions. Supporting different platforms was of central importance in this project.


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All Serious Games use multitouch technology.

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The User Interface and the interaction of the Application were implemented with Unity3D.

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The illustration is done in WebGL to make it available on as many devices as possible.

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Intuitive Operation

The Serious Games were conceived and implemented to be used intuitively.

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Easy explained

Important content is conveyed playfully. This boosts the learning and gaming factor.

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The Serious Games are suitable for any age. They can be played without any in-depth technical skills.