inotec dynamic escape routing unity visualization of office

Dynamic Escape Routing

  • Serious Game
  • Trade fair
  • Unity3D
  • iOS

The safety company INOTEC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of emergency and safety lighting. In cooperation with rmh new media from Cologne, the redPlant team developed a Serious Game for INOTEC – the D.E.R. Simulator. As a central component of the expo presentation at the Light & Building 2014, the application showed visitors the advantages of a dynamic escape route system over static safety lighting.

inotec dynamic escape routing booth explanation of application

Dynamic Escape Routing

The application demonstrates the life-threatening problems that occur when trying to escape a smoky building, pointing out the limitations of static escape route signs. The D.E.R. system by INOTEC securely leads away from the hazard in case of a fire. It has already been deployed in several large projects such as airports, hospitals, and production halls.

inotec dynamic escape routing corridor with fume escape route simulation

Action Plan

A fire in a virtual office building is simulated. The goal is to escape the danger. The simulation ran in two phases. During the first phase, the user is guided by a static escape route system and in most cases winds up in the danger zone. In reality, this would be fatal. In the second phase, the user must escape the same situation, but is guided safely away from danger and out of the building by the dynamic D.E.R. lights.

inotec dynamic escape routing booth with unity application
  • D.E.R. Simulator

    Thanks to its placement at the main entrance, the installation proved to be a magnet for visitors of the INOTEC booth.

inotec dynamic escape routing booth with persons

Expo Display

The Application was a central component of INOTEC's expo display at the Light & Building 2014. It consisted of a large 4K display and a separate iOS application that was used to control the simulation. Both applications were connected via an isolated local WLAN.

inotec dynamic escape routing booth with 4k display for escape route simulation
  • 4K Display

    The D.E.R. simulation was rendered in portrait format.

  • Control Terminal

    The simulation was controlled by a separate iOS App running on a permanently installed iPad.


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The 3D simulation and the iOS control application were created with Unity3D

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IPad App

Control of the simulation via a separate iOS  application.

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Serious Game

Important facts are illustrated interactively in the Serious Game.

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The current state of health is visualized interactively.