abbvie app in pollock style on tablet

Paint like Pollock

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For AbbVie, one of Germany's leading organic pharmaceuticals companies, it's all about the patient. The company wants to provide help and education on a range of topics. As part of the initiative "HCV ins Bild rücken" (Focus on HCV), redPlant worked with rmh new media to develop an application that lets users create works of art – Paint like Pollock

visualization unity pollock action painting red visualization unity pollock action painting red

Collaborative Art

Expo visitors were invited to create their own individual works of art. All individual images were combined to form a single image. Level by level, the most diverse creations joined to become one collaborative piece. The result was published on the web and as an arts calendar to benefit the Deutsche Leberhilfe e.V. 

Pollock Style

All digital works of art were created in the Pollock style. Jackson Pollock became known for the action painting, which popularized abstract expressionism. Pieces are created intuitively and thus reflect the artist's emotions and character traits. To technically implement this style, we developed a particular algorithm that realistically simulates the action painting. 


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The User Interface and the user interaction were created with Unity3D.

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Tablet Application

Tablets are best suited for digital action painting.

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Intuitive drawing thanks to Multitouch technology.

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Intuitive Operation

Reduced User Interface and clear structures.