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The future of jewelry retailing – Third Dimension Labs wants to advise its customers with state-of-the-art technology. In close cooperation with jewelers and jewelry manufacturers, Third Dimension Labs created gemkit, a platform for 3D jewelry visualization. redPlant developed top quality 3D jewelry models for the application that are based on the real items.

gemkit webgl jewelry configurator plain gold ring gemkit webgl jewelry configurator plain platin ring


The configurator was created in WebGL, so it runs in all commonly used web browsers. It can be used on tablets as well as PCs, so it offers a cross-platform opportunity to extend jewelry sales.


Rings and their materials were realistically visualized. The desired configuration can be zoomed and rotated individually.

gemkit webgl jewelry configurator on ipad

Market Place

The jewelry platform was launched at the Inhorgenta 2016 in Munich. Finishing the platform by that date required consistent coordination with gemkit and regular adjustments.

gemkit webgl jewelry configurator colored gems

Gemstone Shader

To show rings with gemstones, we specially developed a Shader using the Open GL Shading Languages. They give the stone its individual luster and show the ring in photorealistic quality.


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The jewelry is presented in WebGL, to make it available on as many devices as possible.

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Individual configurations of 5 alloys, 6 gemstones, and over 40 pieces of jewelry. 

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Gem Shader

Development of special gemstone shaders based on GLSL. Realistic illustration of refraction in real time.

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Delivery as a hybrid application for the Google Play-Store under Android