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KADECO is a family-owned company based in the beautiful East Westphalia region and has been developing high-quality privacy and sun protection solutions for over 30 years – always focusing on the highest standards of sophisticated technology and appealing design. This has resulted in an enormous portfolio of innovative products for indoor and outdoor use that protect and beautify the homes of numerous customers. With the 3D configurator developed by redPlant, these products can now be configured interactively and ordered directly via the KADECO portal.


KADECO not only has a broad product portfolio, but also a high degree of customizability for each individual product. This means that not only can each product be manufactured to the millimeter, but many other product features can be personalized. In order to bring these possibilities closer to their customers and to give their specialist partners the ability to communicate this in the best possible way and also to be able to order directly, a 3D configurator has been developed, which reflects this individualization of the products and can pass it on directly to the KADECO online shop and to other internal processes.


Currently, nine different product categories are integrated into the 3D configurator. Each of these categories contains further sub-categories, which in turn contain a multitude of different models that can be configured completely individually thanks to numerous parameters. Thanks to the dynamic and data-driven structure of the 3D configurator, all products can be displayed in one and the same application. Based on the desired product, a special construction and configuration logic is called up that describes and visualises the model in its entirety and provides the configuration of the product.

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Awnings provide outdoor privacy and sun protection. The configurator offers a wide range of different models for patio, conservatory, freestanding and vertical awnings. In addition to millimeter-level adjustment and a selection of profile colors, control options and mounting options, you can create the awning of your dreams from a colorful palette of appealing awning fabrics. Other options such as coupled systems or different valance types are also available depending on the model.

konfigurator webgl Insektenschutz kadeco

Insect screens 

If you want to ventilate, but don't want to give shelter to every insect, then an insect screen can be very helpful. Whether for windows, doors or light wells - the configurator allows you to plan tensioned and rotating screens, sliding, pleated or roller blind systems that fit perfectly. In addition, you can choose between different profile colors and fabric types, as well as various control and brush options to complete your composition.

konfigurator webgl Plissee kadeco

Pleated blinds 

Pleated blinds are used for interior privacy and sun protection. Use the 3D configurator to plan tensioned or free-hanging pleated blinds, ceiling systems or even pleated blinds for your skylight. In addition to specifying the exact dimensions and profile color, you can choose the desired pleated fabric from a huge collection of designs. Depending on the model, you can choose between different mounting and control options, as well as sliding top and/or bottom rails.

konfigurator webgl Wabenplissee kadeco

Honeycomb pleated blinds

The honeycomb pleated blinds collection has mainly the same models and configuration options as the classic pleated blinds. However, they have the great advantage of perfect darkening thanks to their internally running cords and honeycomb structure, as well as a pleasant sound-absorbing and efficient heat-insulating effect. Like pleated blinds, honeycomb pleated blinds can be visually separated by additional rails, allowing for a combination of several fabrics, for example, for day and night use.

konfigurator webgl Rollo kadeco

Roller blinds

Whether you need a perfect blackout for your bedroom or simply a privacy screen, the roller blind collection can meet your needs. In addition to the classic roller blind, the 3D configurator also offers built-in cassette and skylight roller blinds. Customized planning with a large selection of attractive blind fabrics leaves nothing to be desired. Depending on the model, you can also choose from several end cap shapes, end profiles and various control and mounting options. In addition, the built-in cassettes can be invisibly recessed into the ceiling for a flush transition.

konfigurator webgl Variorollo kadeco

Vario roller blinds

Vario roller blinds create a stunning play of light by combining two fabric panels in front of each other and a wide selection of exclusive fabric designs and are primarily used for decorative privacy and glare control. Two different systems are available in the 3D configurator. With the carrier profile, the entire roller blind is open, making installation easy and flexible. With the cassette system, the roller blind ends in a high-quality aluminum cassette that can be further customized. Both systems are operated by an endless operating chain as standard.

konfigurator webgl Jalousie kadeco

Venetian blinds 

A finely adjustable and durable privacy and sun protection for indoor use. In the 3D configurator you can choose between 3 different types: The aluminum blind, which is particularly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens due to its resistance to moisture, the unique handcrafted wooden blind, which is particularly sustainable, and the design felt blind, which is a real eye-catcher in the living room due to its unique look and at the same time reduces noise in the room. All models can be planned to the millimeter and have other valuable options.

konfigurator webgl Lamellenvorhang kadeco

Vertical blinds

Are you looking for the ideal glare and sun protection for your living room or office? Modern vertical blinds are versatile and are particularly suitable for use in front of windows or in window recesses, as well as for large window fronts. In the 3D configurator you can configure straight, sloped or curved systems. Thanks to the simple operation, e.g. via a chain, the light entering through the vertical slats can be continuously regulated.

konfigurator webgl Flaechenvorhang kadeco

Panel tracks

Looking for a stylish privacy screen, sunscreen or perhaps a room divider? Then panel tracks are for you. The three different models Freeline, Classicline and Slimline are available in the 3D configurator and offer you, in addition to the precise configuration in millimeters, many different fabric designs, profile colors, mounting and control options. Tracks, panels and the curtains themselves can be configured separately. The curtains even offer the possibility of combining different fabrics.

Metals, plastics, wood and many fabric designs 

In addition to an accurate 3D reconstruction of each product with all its configuration properties, KADECO placed great importance on a realistic reproduction of the various materials, especially the numerous fabrics. Each product category has a dedicated fabric catalog where you can select your desired fabric based on real fabric samples and images. We also used these catalogs to reproduce the materials almost exactly, including their physical properties.

konfigurator webgl Stoffe Faecher kadeco
konfigurator webgl 2D Produktdetail Plan kadeco

All products in one place 

Not all products in the 3D configurator need to be visualized with a dynamic 3D design. If a 3D reconstruction is too complex or unnecessary, 2D design drawings, image data or, in the simplest case, the configuration panel without visual support are used. In this way, the specialist partner can also configure these products individually and purchase them via the portal. Another advantage is that KADECO can make brand new products available ad hoc in the 3D configurator.

Connection to ERP system 

KADECO manages all company-relevant information in a customized ERP system. Through this ERP system, the 3D configurator receives almost all the product-related data that are necessary for the configuration. Thus, all configured products are validated by the ERP and KADECO can perform product maintenance in its own systems. All changes are automatically delivered to the 3D configurator. 


The 3D configurator receives a list of properties and all available options per product.


These selected properties are validated via the ERP. Thus, only valid products can be configured and purchased.

Price calculation

This is where not only individual prices, but also important discounts and price factors are exchanged, so that a currently valid price can always be displayed.

Production bill of material

Instructions describing the calculation of the production list per product are transmitted via the ERP system.


In order to offer the configuration in several languages, the ERP system provides the translations of all products.

Error handling

In the event that a configuration is not valid, the configurator will report this and provide error handling instructions.

konfigurator webgl Webshop kadeco

Webshop connection 

The individually configured product can be transferred directly to the shop system of the KADECO portal for purchase. To do this, the 3D configurator is called up via the product detail page of the online shop and, once the configuration is complete, all relevant information about the product is transferred to the shop. In addition, the product is transferred directly to the shopping cart and a mini shopping cart is displayed above the 3D configurator, giving the specialist partner the option of switching directly to the shopping cart and completing the purchase or configuring it further.

konfigurator webgl Projekt Speichern kadeco

Save in project 

In addition to the direct transfer of the individually assembled product to the shopping cart of the online store, the specialist partner also has the option of saving the desired configuration in a project for the time being. For this purpose, an existing project can be selected or a new project can be created via the 3D configurator in the portal.

Usability Upgrades

In order to optimally support specialist partners and customers in the selection and configuration of their products, the 3D configurator includes various features in addition to 3D visualization and product configuration.

Light and Dark Mode

In order to help the specialist partners to fully focus on the essentials during planning, the product is initially presented without a 3D environment. The product is displayed in a simple light or dark scene and can be viewed from all sides thanks to a free 360-degree rotation and without any zoom level limitations. Especially with the multitude of bright fabrics the dark scene offers a nice contrast.

konfigurator webgl light mode kadeco konfigurator webgl dark mode kadeco

Set the scene 

For products with a 3D design, the specialist partner can always display a matching 3D environment scene to show the product in its natural environment and, for example, to be able to explain the various installation methods in more detail. In a total of 5 appealing 3D environment scenes, each product is installed in the right place and true to the original – whether indoors, outdoors, freestanding, on the wall or in a niche.

konfigurator webgl mit 3D Szene kadeco konfigurator webgl ohne 3D Szene kadeco
konfigurator webgl responsive Desgin kadeco

Responsive Design

The responsive design allows the 3D configurator to be used on almost any device, anywhere, anytime. For example, the specialist partner can plan the individual product of his choice directly at the customer's home, or the customer can plan it himself in a relaxed atmosphere on the couch using his cell phone or tablet. The user interface adapts perfectly even on small devices, making planning easy and convenient.

konfigurator webgl High Low Quality kadeco

High und low Quality

In addition to adapting the user interface to the respective end device, the 3D configurator also automatically checks the performance of the application and the GPU load on the end device. If it is not powerful enough for smooth playback, the 3D configurator automatically switches to low quality mode. In this mode, for example, shadows, animations and the environment are omitted. This ensures that a smooth configuration can be provided even on older devices.


The quickest way to explain how the customer can control the privacy and sun protection functions of their product and exactly how it behaves is with a meaningful animation of the 3D model. For example, awnings can be retracted and extended, pleated blinds can be collapsed, vertical blinds can be rotated and much more. For this reason, the 3D reconstructions of the products have also been provided with detailed animations so that the specialist partner can explain the functionality of each individual product to his customers in an impressive manner.

Digital assistant 

In order to better understand the configuration options and the product itself, a notification system, i.e. a digital assistant, was integrated into the 3D configurator. It converts the troubleshooting or error messages from the ERP system into comprehensible information and notes for the specialist partner and the customer and displays them in the 3D configurator in a prioritized manner.

Internal Mode

Especially for the employees of KADECO and the internal handling, additional data and configuration options as well as features were integrated into the 3D configurator, which are exclusively accessible via an internal mode of the 3D configurator. These features are used, for example, in product marketing to generate special visualizations of the products. For this purpose, individual camera settings can be saved and applied to other products. In this way, images of different products or product configurations can be generated from the same perspective.

konfigurator webgl interner externer modus kadeco
konfigurator webgl Config Engine 3D kadeco

Config Engine 

Life could be so easy, but unfortunately no direct interface from the ERP system to the 3D configurator could be created to retrieve all product-related data. The response times, especially those for validating the configuration, were too long to be able to guarantee a good usability in the front end. In order to be able to use the product-relevant data from the ERP system, a clone is generated on the basis of an ERP export, which reproduces all formulas and calculations and thus replaces our Config Engine. Because of the pre-compiled data, real-time response times are possible.

konfigurator webgl construction Engine 3D kadeco

Construction Engine

Almost all product-related data, except for the actual 3D construction of the products, comes from KADECO's ERP system. For this purpose, the CAD data of the products with all alternative components are prepared and integrated into the 3D configurator, not as static 3D models, but as a kind of 3D construction plan or modular system. This dynamic construction is linked to and controlled by the configuration options from the ERP. In this way, all states and properties validated by the ERP system are visualized directly on the 3D product.

konfigurator webgl Physically Based Node Tree kadeco

Physically Based

KADECO has a breathtaking collection of fabrics. But it's not just the quantity that will take your breath away, it's also the different visual properties of the fabrics. Special shaders and layered materials are used to recreate not only the distant effect of the fabric, but also the detailed representation of the weave pattern and other visual peculiarities as realistically as possible. This way, special patterns, surface textures, reflections, translucencies, transparencies, and varying material thicknesses are easily visualized.

The fine line 

The fine line between performance & visual quality. In order to be able to guarantee a good performance of the 3D configurator, the reduction of the draw calls is an essential topic. A draw call to the graphics card defines what to draw and how to draw it, i.e. to visualize the corresponding 3D models including materials and textures in 3D. The higher the visual quality, the more draw calls are needed. In order to achieve high visual quality with fewer draw calls, various techniques are used, such as efficient use of resources, instancing, and individual or hybrid rendering techniques.

Combined Meshes, Materials & Textures

Every single component of a 3D model, also called 3D mesh, as well as every single material and texture generates a draw call. A reasonable combination of these meshes, materials and textures can reduce the number of draw calls. However, this combination should be done carefully. For example, it does not make sense to combine meshes that need to be moved separately during an animation or that need to carry different materials. Only in the case of different textures, a texture atlas can be used, which references and visualizes a different part of the texture depending on the 3D mesh.


Another way to save meshes and thus draw calls is instancing. Here, repeating meshes, such as the slats of a venetian blind, are displayed using only one 3D mesh of a slat, which is only used as a duplicate in the 3D scene. These duplicates do not have to be exactly the same, but can be used thousands of times in the scene with different positions, rotations and other parameters without generating additional draw calls and negatively affecting the performance of the 3D configurator. This is why we usually do not speak of a duplicate or a clone, but of an instance.

Render on demand

In order to achieve a high and detailed visual quality, certain visual techniques and effects have to be used. To do this, it is necessary to draw the 3D scene with different requirements and to compute the resulting layers of the 3D scene differently with each other. But each of these layers means another draw call that the graphics card has to calculate. Therefore, it is important to calculate only the layers that are needed for the desired visual effect.

konfigurator webgl render on demand kadeco


icon WebGL


The 3D configurator was developed in WebGL and is available in common browsers.

icon responsive

Responsive Design

The 3D configurator is available on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

icon unlimited

Milliarden Möglichkeiten

The KADECO product range, including configuration logic, was integrated into the 3D configurator.

icon validation


If it is configurable, it is manufacturable. The configurator only allows valid configurations.

icon translation


The configurator is available in several languages and is waiting for the integration of further.

icon synchronisation

Realtime prices

With each change of the configuration, the price is recalculated and displayed prominently.

icon ERP


The ERP interface enables simple and valid product maintenance on KADECO's part.

All product-relevant data is retrieved via the ERP interface.

icon performance


To save draw calls, the components themselves are instanced even during animations.