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The Swiss company Faserplast AG has been operating as a production and trading company for over 50 years and carries more than 3000 products from various fields such as rainwater harvesting, garden technology, air treatment and measurement technology. Durable furniture for indoor and outdoor use is also part of Faserplast's versatile product range. Through the 3D configurator developed by redPlant, the fapatisch, a versatile table for indoor and outdoor use, can now be configured and ordered directly by the customer.

Zum Konfigurator

Robust & Individual

The fapatisch is characterized by its extreme durability and robustness. Thanks to fiberglass-reinforced plastic table tops, the robust tables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can withstand all weather conditions and seasons. In addition, the table tops can be individually configured in terms of size, shape, thickness, material and decor. A selection of matching and customizable bases completes the product. 

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Always & Everywhere

Thanks to the Responsive Web Design of the 3D configurator, you can create your individual fapatisch on the go on your smartphone, comfortably at home with your tablet or on the large monitor in the office. The user interface and 3D display adapt to different display sizes and technologies and always remain fully operable. 


In the 3D configurator you can choose from square and round table tops in different sizes. These can be further customized based on their material: You can choose between a robust table top made of GRP or a slimmer version made of HPL, which offer you different decors, colors and surface finishes. 


The table top made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) stands out for its weather resistance, UV stability and an easy-care surface. In the 3D configurator, it is offered in thicknesses of 15 and 35 mm and in matt and glossy surface finishes. For the finishes, the entire Classic-RAL palette is available for you to choose from. 


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The table top made of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) with a slim overall thickness of only 12 mm presents itself simple and elegant and fits into any environment with its puristic look. By laminating the top layer, different decors can be offered, such as wood, cement or weathered steel. 


konfigurator webgl hpl fapatisch


konfigurator webgl untergestell fapatisch

The Base

Whether simple & modern or more nostalgic, the matching bases for the table tops are available in a basic and retro variant. In addition to galvanized and hot-dip galvanized, you also have the option of powder-coated, where you can choose from the complete Classic-RAL color palette to perfectly match your base to your tabletop.

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The fapatisch fits harmoniously into any environment. You can verify that for yourself in the 3D configurator, as different floor materials like paving stones, gravel, wood and stone slabs are available to you. Simply switch between these materials and imagine your individual fapatisch in different scenarios such as a garden restaurant or a café. 

konfigurator webgl konfiguration to go fapatisch


You have put together your individual fapatisch and want a little time to think about it? No problem! We save your individual configuration with a unique ID, which you can call up again via an individual link. The link will be sent to you by e-mail, so you can open your individual configuration at any time and from any device. 

Nous parlons aussi allemand

To reach as many potential customers as possible, the configurator offers different languages. Currently, you can switch between German and French. The integration of more languages is possible at any time. 

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The 3D model export in the 3D configurator via glTF file allows you to directly download your individually configured fapatisch including all materials. The file can be opened by various 3D viewers and programs, like the 3D Viewer from Windows. In addition, planners and architects can integrate the individual configurations directly into their planning. 

konfigurator webgl anfrage fapatisch


The request for your individual composition also takes place directly in the 3D configurator. You receive a summary of the most important properties and only have to leave a few contact details. Here, the unique ID of the configuration is used too. Faserplast can open your exact configuration to create the corresponding offer and advise you on your individual product. 


During configuration, i.e. whenever changes are made to the composition, the appropriate bill of materials is automatically generated in the background. Based on this bill of materials, the total price of the configuration is calculated from the individual prices of the corresponding components. In addition to the price, individual product details are calculated and displayed, like the external dimensions of the current configuration. 

konfigurator webgl data driven fapatisch

Data Driven

The heart of every 3D configurator is the individual product with its configuration options and their characteristics. In most cases, these configuration options have certain dependencies among each other and this, for example, only for special constellations. In order to be able to map this complexity clearly, the product is described using a data model. Our Config Engine generates a set of rules from this and delivers it via controllers and transformers to all components of the 3D configurator as well as to other connected systems. 

konfigurator webgl valid state fapatisch

Valid State

In addition, the Config Engine guarantees that a valid state of the product is delivered at all times. Even the initial state of the product is checked by the Config Engine before it is presented in the 3D configurator as a starting configuration (preset). Every additional change to the product passes through the Config Engine again and always delivers a valid product as well as all currently possible configuration options in their available permutations. 

konfigurator webgl floating ui fapatisch


In order to offer the product the largest area possible, the entire User Interface was placed transparently over the 3D scene as a so-called 'floating UI'. The presentation of the configuration options and the corresponding characteristics in the UI is also data-driven, so that the UI always provides only the configuration options that are valid for the respective individual composition. 

konfigurator webgl physically based right fapatisch

Physically Based 

In addition to creating the 3D models, high-quality textures of the materials were also prepared. Real material samples from the manufacturer were available for this purpose. Corresponding PBR Shader give the surfaces the final touch, taking into account the current lighting conditions. In order to ensure a fast loading time despite the high-resolution textures, they were created in WebP format to keep the required data volume as low as possible. 


icon WebGL


The 3D configurator was implemented in WebGL and is available in common browsers.

icon responsive

Responsive Design

The 3D configurator is available on smartphone, tablet to desktop.

icon diamond id

Individual ID

Each configuration is assigned an ID and can be recalled at any time. 

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The configurator is available in two languages and is waiting for the integration of Weiteren.

icon validation


If it is configurable, it is producible. The configurator only allows valid configurations.

icon unlimited

Million possibilities

The fapatisch product range, including configuration logic, was integrated into the 3D configurator. 

icon synchronisation

Real time prices

Prices and all other dynamic parameters are calculated in real time.

icon webp

WebP file format

For the textures the WebP file format was used to keep the loading times low.