unity learning application technical center luedenscheid with rfid technology

Table of Ideas

  • Learning Application
  • Unity3D
  • Multitouch
  • Marker-tracking

Lüdenscheid Technical Center represents an interface between school and the economy. Its goal is to give students the possibility to playfully explore technical topics. redPlant cooperated with Werft6 and impressx to create an Ideenmaschine (idea machine) that lets children between the ages of 11 and 17 interactively and digitally learn about technology.

unity learning application of technical center luedenscheid login screen unity learning platform of technical center think tank luedenscheid with multi user function

Unity Multi-Touch Application

The unique feature of this Unity3D application is that it was created as touch application that several people could use simultaneously to learn in a playful way. The table recognizes the users and their user data by means of markers that are placed on the table, and presents them as graphics on the surface.

unity learning platform technical center luedenscheid on touchtable with multimedia rendition

Text, Image, Video, and PDF

The individual user data and learning areas are visualized dynamically as a 3D graphic. Content can be configured using markers. This way, a user can for instance view texts, images, and individual videos, or have texts displayed as PDF documents.

Saving Learning Progress

In addition to general information, the students can check their own learning progress, which is saved by means of the integrated marker and can be accessed at any time.

Individual Presentation

An additional feature is that the students can put together individual presentations. The presentations can be created and then transferred to external devices. That way, content can be accessed later on a smart phone or tablet or the presentation can be shown on a beamer. 

Youth Meets Industry

The goal of the "Ideenmaschine" is to playfully familiarize adolescents with the industry of Southern Westphalia.


icon unity


Implemented with Unity3D.

icon presentation

Individual Presentation

The Application lets students prepare individual presentations.

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Individual Learning Process

Learning progress is saved automatically and can be accessed at any time.

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Marker Identification

The markers are recognized automatically and show students their individual content.

icon multitouch


Thanks to Multitouch generation, several users can interact at the table simultaneously.

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Platform Informationen

Projects and lectures can be stored and replayed on all sorts of end devices.