nike digital retail experience social media wall made with unity

Nike Digital Retail Experience

  • Presentation
  • Unity3D
  • RFID
  • Multitouch
  • Shop

Nike, one of the leading manufacturers of sports and leisure shoes, is always concerned with bringing its customers innovation and inspiration. To that end, redPlant worked with the agency demodern to create a digital experience of the future. The installations Social Media Wall, Footwear Terminal, and Replica Kiosk have been live since the Champions League Final 2015 at the 11teamsport Shop Berlin.

nike digital retail experience unity social media wall with facebook and twitter news
  • Dynamic Tiles

    The tiles are dynamically generated and arranged according to content.

  • Selfies

    Integrated selfie mode.

  • Overnight Update

    If the 11teamsport Shop is closed, all social media channel are crawled and the content is updated.

Social Media Wall

The Social Media Wall spans nine square meters and is located in the central entrance area of the store. Equipped with Ultra HD and an infrared touch surface, it provides the user with current Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube information from the world of soccer.

nike digital retail experience mobile phone connection

Content Take Away

Thanks to the seamless connection of smart phone and Social Media Wall, all content can be saved to take away. With a simple shaking gesture, the user can transfer photos, videos, current sports news and even selfies from the Social Media Wall directly to a smart phone. 

nike digital retail experience replica kiosk on 4k multitouch display

Replica Kiosk

An interactive shopping experience in 4K. The customer can select items per touch and check their availability in real time. The installation is directly connected with the cash register and the warehouse. This makes for trouble-free shopping.

nike digital retail experience shoe information on multitouch table with rfid

Footwear Terminal

A 65’’ interactive touch table lets the user experience Nike shoes in a whole new way. Using RFiD-Technology, every shoe can be clearly identified by the installation. Additional camera tracking calculates the position of the shoe on the table. 

Compare your Favorite Shoes

Apart from displaying the sizes available in the store and showing which soccer star is currently wearing the shoes, it is also possible to compare two shoes. The table automatically recognizes both products and shows special characteristics of both side by side. 

nike google maps


icon unity


The User Interface and the interaction with the installation were implemented with Unity3D.

icon all ages

Multiuser Application

The installations can be operated by several users simultaneously.

icon location

Hybrid Trackingsystem

Various techniques are used to recognize the user – cameras, RFID, infrared.

icon RFID

RFID Technology

Product recognition through RFiD-Technology. Integrated in every available shoe.

icon responsive

Smartphone Connection

Connection of smart phone and social media wall. Content can be transferred seamlessly.

icon multitouch


All installations are equipped with Multitouch sensors.

icon euro

Direct Purchase

Smooth purchasing process through connection with cash register and warehouse.

icon social media

Social Media Crawler

Displaying photos, videos, or current sports news by linking different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.