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The US-American sports shoe manufacturer VANS is specialized in trend sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. The company's innovation department always tries to stay one step ahead of new trends and started a two-year project in 2015 to make custamization even more future-oriented. A central component of this project is an iOS  Application. This enables clients to have their custom designed vans shoes produced in just 15 minutes. After the initial WebGL case study, redPlant was also commissioned to develop the iOS Application.

ios vans app auf ipad pro

You Name it

The centerpiece of the App is the creation of a completely individual VANS Custom Style. Users can upload their own photos and place them on the shoe - for example clothing patterns, holiday pictures or drawings of their children. You name it... The design possibilities are really endless with this new technology.

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Custom Shoes need Custom UV Magic

In addition to the challenge of projecting the customer's 2D design onto the 3D model, the image section can be rotated, scaled and moved as desired. The redPlant team developed a special combination of skillful unwrapping, special shaders and transformation matrices to ensure that the visual appearance of the final sneaker and the 3D preview really match.

3D Preview - The Waffle Works Interface

Through an interactive multitouch preview, the custom styled shoe can be viewed in 3D. An infinitely variable zoom guarantees an overview of the smallest details so that the individual design can be fine-tuned.

ios app vans shoe colored ios app texture position on vans shoe

Just Place it

It is not only possible to view your shoe in 3D but also to scale, rotate and zoom in your individual pattern. This allows to place the whole image or only a part of it on the shoe. The result is displayed in real time on the 3D model.

large Vans Headquarters from Vans 02

Custom Vans in 15 Minutes

The App is connected to a specially developed heat-vacuum-machine, which transfers the individual texture from the app to the real shoe. With one click the order is placed. VANS guarantees that the shoe is ready for collection within only 15 minutes.

Guy shoe vans

Vans Headquater - Costa Mesa

The new VANS Customs App was unveiled to the public at the inauguration of the new headquarter in Costa Mesa. A quick photo of Steve Van Doren's shirt was uploaded to the app during the opening. The production of the new sneaker was finished before he could finish describing the process.


icon IOS


Developed as a hybrid application for iOS.

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Individual shoe-design

Individual shoe-design and production within 15 minutes.

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direct purchase

Trough the Application the shoe production can be started immediately.

icon multitouch


Usable in Multitouch on Apple iPads.

icon uv mapping


Printing of arbitrary patterns, pics or drawings on the shoe.