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System4 is a flexible modular furniture system, made of high-quality steel, which belongs to the Home & Living Division of the family-owned company Streng Plastic AG. The company specialises in the production of individual office and home furnishings. Given the unlimited possibilities of combinations, System4, Divine and redPlant have developed a 3D product configurator, which makes it even easier to assemble and purchase your furniture through the System4 Online Shop.

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Unlimited combinations

Thanks to the modular assembly of basic elements and the unlimited options, the perfect furniture system can be built for each type of chamber and room size. This creates a variety of different pieces of furniture with the maximum individuality for the living and office area.

konfigurator webgl elemente system4

Aside from the classical storage possibilities in drawers or behind doors, the desired piece of furniture can also be equipped with open or fully closed elements. Especially interesting for commercial use are the elements including a brochure rack and hanging file folder.

konfigurator webgl massivholzplatte system4

Solid Timber

Embellish your piece of furniture with a solid wood cover plate in the colours oak or walnut.

konfigurator webgl glasregal system4


Choose between a clear or frosted glass type and use it for the bottom or top.

konfigurator webgl rollen system4


Switch between soft or hard rollers depending on your type of floor or simply use levelling feet.

konfigurator webgl griffe system4


Open your furniture system with a handle or grip hole or add some safety by including a lock.

Less is more

To build your unique piece of furniture efficiently with as few clicks as possible, an interaction like copy & paste was implemented. Thanks to so-called GPU Instancing, steady performance is guaranteed even when building large furniture.

webgl konfigurator eckmodul system4

Around the corner

In 2020, the furniture construction system opens up new dimensions for you. Thanks to the integration of corner elements, all other elements can now not only be built in a row as usual, but also around the corner. With the help of inside and outside corners, this creates new, unlimited possibilities for individual furniture pieces.

konfigurator webgl tiefen label dimensionen system4

... and that with draught

In 2022, a further module depth was integrated into the configurator. From now on, you can choose not only the standard depth of 37.5 cm, but also the narrower version with 18.75 cm. The different depths cannot be combined in one line, but thanks to the new corner modules, they can be combined across corners, opening up completely new possibilities.

webgl konfigurator doppelmodul tiefe hoehe.system4

Double keeps better

In the course of the corner elements, double modules were also integrated into the configurator. Thus, it is possible via a separate mode to configure double-row furniture pieces directly in addition to the single-row ones. Double modules can be used as presentation units or room dividers, for example.

Open sesame!

2022, we brought System4 furniture to life and provided deeper insights into the cabinet system. When combining the different modules, it can be helpful to know the exact functionality of each module. For this purpose, the corresponding animations were integrated for all moving elements of the modules. For example, you can have drawers, doors and flaps open and close again.

hoch hinaus 5

Up high

Something has also changed in terms of height in 2020.  For one thing, the configurator now offers the elements in four different heights and three different adjustable foot heights are also available. This means that the configuration can be adapted even better to your requirements. 

konfigurator webgl validierung restriktionen konfiguration system4 konfigurator webgl validierung restriktionen live system4

According to plan

The conception and implementation of the configurator was made to only create furniture that can actually be produced. Every restriction is integrated into the built-in logic and guarantees the manufacture of your desired product based on your configuration.

Suits me

During the configuration of your piece of furniture, you can display the outside measurements of the whole system as well as the measurements of each element at any time. This gives you control of whether your desired furniture is already too big or can still be extended.

konfigurator webgl responsive design system4

On every system

Easy handling and responsive design allow you to configure your furniture on the way. No matter if on a tablet, smartphone or desktop PC – the configurator adapts to all display sizes and relies on an intuitive user interface.

konfigurator webgl farben elemente zusammenstellen system4

Pim it up!

All relevant product information is retrieved in realtime through the interface of a central PIM (Product information management system). Each change of configuration updates the total price and the corresponding parts list. This way, they are available at any time in the configurator, data sheet as well as in the online shop.

I'll buy it

Are you satisfied with your configuration? You can purchase your piece of furniture in the online shop via the interface of the shop system Shopware and pay with the available payment methods. A new product is generated dynamically in the online shop through the mentioned interface including a proper webpage with all product details.

konfigurator webgl datenblatt lupe system4

All clear

You can download a data sheet including all important data about your furniture on the dynamically created product webpage. Each configuration is assigned an individual ID, which gives the possibility of retrieving it again at any time.

konfigurator webgl export gltf system4


The glTF-export allows you to directly download your individually configured piece of furniture including materials. The file can easily be opened by different 3D viewers and 3D programs. Configurations can easily be downloaded by planners, architects or interior designers and integrated and edited in their planning.


Since the beginning of 2020, the materials in the configurator shine physically correct. Due to an upgrade to PBR materials, the models and materials can now be displayed even more realistically. Another advantage is that the PBR materials are also exported with the GLTF export of the configuration.


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The configurator has been implemented in WebGL and is available on all common browsers without plugins.

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Responsive Design

The design of the application is responsive and therefore available on all common devices.

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Individual ID

Each configuration is assigned an individual ID and can be retrieved again at any time.

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Realtime Prices

With each change of the configuration the price is recalculated and displayed clearly.

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All relevant product information is retrieved through the interface of PIM.

icon shopware


The interface of the shop system Shopware enables you to buy your unique piece of furniture.

icon pdf document

Data sheet

An individual data sheet can be generated for each configuration.

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If it can be configured, it can be produced. The configurator allows only valid configurations.