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HTS TENTIQ has been manufacturing high-quality tent and hall systems since 2001 and has become a driving force in the industry with its modular buildings. With a weekly production of up to 60,000m² of finished buildings, HTS TENTIQ serves the private, industrial and public sectors worldwide. With the 3D configurator developed by redPlant, these modular buildings can now be planned interactively, simplifying and accelerating the process from quotation to finished construction.

Zum Konfigurator

webgl konfigurator planung hts tentiq

From planning ...

HTS TENTIQ distributes its tent and hall systems in the event, hotel, sports and military sectors, as well as to humanitarian organizations and manufacturing industries. Until now, the planning of these modular buildings was a matter for experts. Due to the complexity, a fixed composition was difficult and required a lot of experience and expertise from the planner. The intended goal of the HTS TENTIQ 3D Configurator is to enable HTS TENTIQ customers to plan all tents & halls interactively via the website and also to actively support HTS TENTIQ employees in the internal processing of requests.

webgl konfigurator auslieferung hts tentiq

... until delivery

Thanks to the interconnectedness of various tools & services, not only the interactive planning but also the optimal preparation and distribution of data for all subsequent operational processes is made possible. In the course of the development of the 3D configurator, not only were all the possibilities of the systems transferred into configuration options, but tents and halls were also standardized to such an extent that individual planning is still possible, while still being able to transmit the current configuration to sales all the way to production directly via SAP in a form that can be produced.

All tent models under control

All tent and hall systems from HTS TENTIQ have a modular structure and are made up of so-called assemblies. The scheme of these assemblies and their fundamental basic set of rules is identical across all tent and hall models and describes a kind of construction kit, whose characteristics and detailed configuration can be completely different. If one system offers clear specifications as to which configuration options and assemblies change with each other, the other system gives every freedom in design.

All beginnings are easy

For a quick start in planning, the HTS TENTIQ 3D Configurator offers you various presets, i.e. pre-configured buildings. These make it easier for you to get started with your individual planning and already show you some of the numerous equipment options. In the next step, you adapt this preconfiguration to your wishes and requirements. 

webgl konfigurator platz fuer ideen hts tentiq

Space for your ideas

From a small party tent on a few square meters up to a 3,500 m² warehouse. Both width and depth can be changed in reasonable steps. In addition, you are offered different heights so that everything from forklifts to jumbo jets fit into your individual and modular tent or hall system.

Accurate to the cm

To ensure that you have all the important dimensions at your fingertips during configuration, a dimensioning system was integrated into the 3D configurator in 2022. Due to the true-to-scale reconstruction of the tent or hall system, not only the dimensions you specified can be displayed, but also the resulting dimensions like the exact gable height can be calculated and shown directly on the 3D model. 

From light to highly insulated

The 3D configurator offers you various materials for roof and wall cladding. You will also be given various tips on which materials should be combined with each other. Each material - whether plastic, aluminium or steel - is available in different colors and comes with additional detail configurations.

From uniform to highly individual

Depending on the tent or hall system, it is possible for you to choose different equipment in different materials and colors for each wall segment. In addition to windows, doors and gates, there is a lot more available to you. Depending on the equipment and system, you can also choose from options such as single and double doors, single- to four-part windows and various types of gates.

webgl konfigurator einheitlich hts tentiq webgl konfigurator individuell hts tentiq

Putting the finishing touches

But it doesn't end with the planning of the wall equipment. You can choose from a wide range of other equipment that can enhance or optimize the appearance and function of your planned building.

webgl konfigurator unterzugsplane hts tentiq

Internal roof covers

Tarpaulins inserted from the inside of the roof to collect and drain condensation.

webgl konfigurator beleuchtung hts tentiq

Indoor Lighting

Rooflights are used for natural lighting of the interior of the building.

webgl konfigurator lichtband hts tentiq


Rooflights are used for natural lighting of the interior of the building.

webgl konfigurator regenrinne hts tentiq

Rain gutter

Length of the system and number of rain gutters are calculated based on the length of the building.

webgl konfigurator fussrohr hts tentiq


Used for weighing down wall covers for a wind-resistant wall covering.

webgl konfigurator binderueberlappung hts tentiq

Rafter flaps

Covering exposed spars on the outside of the roof to protect them.

webgl konfigurator antikondensatbeschichtung hts tentiq

Anti-condensation coating

Coating on the inside of a roof cover to absorb condensation.

webgl konfigurator rwa hts tentiq

Smoke and heat ventilation systems

Smoke and heat ventilation systems are calculated based on the volume and visualized on the roof.

Always safe!

Each configuration is checked in real time not only for plausibility in production, but also for areas such as ease of operation. For example, if a door is placed to the right of a gate, the motor of the gate automatically switches to the right side so that the gate can be operated from the door.

webgl konfigurator innenansicht hts tentiq

It's the inner values that count

You would like to see the inside of your tent or hall system before it is built? Your wish is granted. The 3D configurator offers you to change to the interior view. Here you can take a look at the inner values of your tent or hall system, because not only the configuration options such as the interior lighting, but also the construction including the profiles, struts and reinforcements have been reproduced true to scale and true to the originals. 

webgl konfigurator stueckliste hts tentiq

One step closer to your goal with every click

During the entire configuration process, all configuration options and features are immediately translated into articles and assemblies and a parts list of your configuration is compiled.

webgl konfigurator undo hts tentiq


One click too much or simply misconfigured? Then you can use the undo functionality of the 3D configurator. Simply go back one or more steps.

Responsive Design

Whether you're at the construction site, on your way there or in the office – the Responsive Web Design allows you to use the 3D configurator on almost any device. The user interface adapts perfectly even on small devices and thus offers easy and comfortable planning, no matter when and where you feel like it.

Finished configuring - and then?

If you are satisfied with the design of your modular building, you can request it directly via the 3D configurator. All you have to do is enter your contact details and HTS TENTIQ will receive your request including your detailed configuration. For this purpose, the configuration is saved with an ID, with which the configuration can be called up again at any time.

webgl konfigurator anfrage hts tentiq

Nothing gets lost!

If you are not 100% sure, you can save your configuration at any time and receive an email with a unique link. You can use this link to call up your individual planning in the 3D configurator again at any time and then, if you are sure, also request it directly.

webgl konfigurator speichern hts tentiq

Behind the scenes

For a simple control and visualization of the complexity of the different tent and hall models, some strings were pulled in the background. Our goal is to map the complexity of the configuration in such a way that it is always simple, transparent and performant for the user in the frontend. In the following paragraphs we will give a small insight into the conceptual and technical implementation.

webgl konfigurator maximalkonfiguration hts tentiq

Think big

Based on their almost collective characteristics, the multitude of tent and hall systems have been divided into two major main types. Type A can be extended in two dimensions and type B in only one dimension. For both types, a so-called maximum configuration was created, which represents the configuration options and restrictions of the totality of all associated modular buildings.

webgl konfigurator zeltmodelle hts tentiq

Execute in detail

The maximum configuration represents a kind of modular system, with which the individual buildings can be derived and constructed. For this purpose, only certain options of the maximum configuration are made available and these are limited by the restrictions of the corresponding system. In the first version of the configurator, the focus is on the buildings of type B, which are divided into the categories warehouse, party tent and large tent.

Weltweit nutzen v004

Use worldwide

In 2022, the HTS TENTIQ 3D configurator was rolled out worldwide. In addition to more tent and hall models and the integration of different languages, country-specific versions of the tent and hall models were also made available now. For this purpose, the data model was expanded and the derivations were used not only with regard to the actual tent model, but also in respect to the requirements of the respective sales country.   

Driven by data

The maximum configuration and its derivation describes the individual tent and hall systems using a data model. This is not only used as a kind of blueprint for the construction of the three-dimensional visualization, but at the same time the user interface is built up on the basis of the data, with all possible configuration options, associated tooltips and corresponding notes such as errors and messages. The data-driven structure also enables the derivation into the bill of materials, product list and the derivation into the corresponding assemblies and articles, which are essential for sales and production.


The tooltips associated with the configuration options are delivered based on the state.


Based on the state or the change of the states, configuration-related messages can be displayed.


The current parts list from the necessary articles and assemblies is generated immediately.


For the UNDO functionality, a list of changes to the state is provided.

webgl konfigurator datengetriebenes ui hts tentiq

Data-driven User Interface

From the pool of all possibilities of the maximum configuration, exactly those UI elements are used and combined that are necessary for a specific tent or hall system. This keeps the user interface clear and compact. Since the entire logic of the configurator is controlled by the data model located in the backend, both the user interface and the 3D scene in the frontend do not need to hold much knowledge. This means that new systems can be integrated quickly and easily.

webgl konfigurator cutout hts tentiq

Variety yes, lots of data no

To keep the amount of 3D data as small as possible, the cutouts in the walls for doors, windows and gates are cut into the mesh in real time.  Otherwise, a separate 3D model would have to be prepared for each possible combination of equipment and wall element and integrated into the 3D configurator. This would significantly increase the loading times of the configurator, for example.

webgl konfigurator instancing hts tentiq

More is less

To guarantee good performance of the 3D configurator even when assembling large tents, the 3D configurator uses GPU Instancing. This means that a 3D model used several times in the scene is loaded only once and copies of it are used again and again. This is particularly useful for repetitive elements such as struts or wall panels.

Seamlessly connected

Thanks to its connection to the internal systems at HTS TENTIQ, the 3D configurator can provide considerable support for operational processes. Not only does it break down the individual composition of the planning into the corresponding assemblies and associated articles and their prices through the data model, but it also independently generates specific identification numbers for the quotation and settlement process, which seamlessly integrate into HTS TENTIQ's existing processes by adhering to its own number range.

webgl konfigurator nahtlos angebunden hts tentiq

Click by click towards optimization

Every 3D configurator has its own individual structure of processes and design. In order to better evaluate this in terms of usability and user experience, an individual tracking concept was developed and integrated into the 3D configurator. By recording and analyzing user behavior, the 3D configurator can now be individually adapted to the user's wishes in order to provide him with even better support during configuration.

Looking to the future 

Optimizing usability is not the only topic that should always be kept in mind; the integration of further building models is already on HTS TENTIQ's agenda. Thanks to the data-driven design, updates and new products can be integrated into the 3D configurator quickly and easily. Just check out our site or the 3D Configurator to find out as soon as new features or tents are available.


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The 3D Configurator has been implemented in WebGL and is available in common browsers.

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Responsive Design

The 3D configurator is available on smartphone, tablet to desktop.

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Individual ID

Each configuration is assigned an ID and can be recalled at any time. 

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The 3D configurator generates data that is directly processed in the internal processes.

icon translation


The configurator is available in three languages and is waiting for the integration of Weiteren.

icon validation


If it is configurable, it is producible. The configurator only allows valid configurations.

icon SAP


The SAP interface enables seamless transfer of requests to HTS systems.

icon unlimited

Billions of possibilities

The HTS TENTIQ product range, including configuration logic, was integrated into the 3D Konfigurator