joachim gauck tests unity interactive baptismal font in diocesan museum paderborn

Interactive Baptismal Font

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On July 23rd, 2013, German Federal President Joachim Gauck officially opened the new special exhibit Credo at the archiepiscopal Diözesanmuseum in Paderborn. Since 1975, the Diözesanmuseum has had over 60 special exhibits. The redPlant team and the RMH MEDIA GmbH created a digital display for the central entrance area.

baptism christi in interactive paptismal font of diocesan museum paderborn

Motif Change

The smallest touches let the baptismal font change its motif. The Chi-Rho of Christ's monogram turns into an image of Christ's baptism. Wave motions and water sounds make the font come to life. 

poster of credo exhibition in diocesan museum paderborn


The baptismal font was placed in the central entrance area of the museum. It was a highlight of the exhibit and attracted crowds of visitors. The project was unique because of the outstanding cooperation with the museum director, historians, and architects. 


Behind the Scenes

The interactive baptismal font was shown on a 55 inch Multitouch display. The monitor was integrated into a specially designed piece of furniture. The visitor is given the impression of a real baptismal font.

joachim gauck tests interactive baptismal font at diocesan museum paderbron

Celebrity Visitor

Joachim Gauck opened the Credo Exhibit in Paderborn. The Federal President was impressed by the interplay of museum exhibit and interactivity.


icon unity


The interactive baptismal font was created with Unity3D.

icon multitouch


The Application can be operated with Multitouch gestures.

icon all ages


The installation can be operated by several users simultaneously.

icon 3D sound


To attract the visitor's attention, the movement of the water is augmented with audio.