interactive multitouch paulus letter of diocesan museum paderborn made with unity

Interactive Paulus Letter

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After the successful development of the interactive baptismal font, redPlant supported the Diözesanmuseum again in 2015. The exhibit "Caritas – Nächstenliebe von den frühen Christen bis zur Gegenwart" (Charity from early Christendom to the Present) contained the real Pauline Epistle in ancient Greek script. To allow visitors to experience the Pauline Epistle, redPlant worked with the RMH MEDIA GmbH to create a virtual version of the epistle with interactive translation.

Pauline Epistle, change thyself!

Touching individual passages of the Pauline Epistle translates them into German. During the metamorphosis, the passages light up in gold. The digital Pauline Epistle brought a touch of Hollywood to Paderborn and was admired by visitors of all ages.

diocesan museum paderborn interactive paulus letter reconstruction missing sections


The digital Pauline Epistle has another feature besides the translation – missing sections of the real epistle were visually reconstructed and added to the digital document. 

diocesan museum poster for exhibition 2015

Behind the Scenes

The application could be used on a 55 inch Multitouch display. It was very important that it was perceived as an integral piece of the exhibit architecture. Positioned in the entrance area of the museum, the Pauline Epistle turned out to be the highlight of the exhibit.


icon unity


The interactive translation of the Pauline Epistle was created with Unity3D.

icon multitouch


The Application can be operated with Multitouch gestures.

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The application can be operated by several users simultaneously.

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Interactive Translation

Seamless translation of individual text passages with touch .