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With around 70 years of experience, Messe Düsseldorf is a true major player in the trade fair business. As one of the ten trade fair organizers with the highest turnover, the former local hero has become a global player over the years. With the 3D configurator developed by redPlant, Messe Düsseldorf is now ushering in a new era by allowing trade fair stands to be planned interactively and directly by and with the customer, and by completely accompanying and digitizing the process from the initial idea through planning to a successful trade fair appearance.

To the configurator

Your trade fair appearance with everything that goes with it

The planning and implementation of your entire and individual trade fair presence from a single source ⎼ equipped with all possibilities, networked with all important tools & services ⎼ that is the goal of Messe Düsseldorf and this is now sealed by the 3D Configurator. In the future, the 3D Configurator will accompany the interested parties of Messe Düsseldorf from the first idea and sketch of a trade fair stand to the successful trade fair day, with everything the exhibitor's heart desires.

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Revolutionary even back then

When it was founded on January 7, 1947 under the name Nordwestdeutsche Ausstellungsgesellschaft mbH (NOWEA), Messe Düsseldorf broke new ground and structured its trade fairs according to specialist areas. At the time, this was revolutionary for some, but for Messe Düsseldorf it was market-oriented and the foundation for growth - far beyond the borders of the trade fair city.

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And today also globally networked

Today, Messe Düsseldorf operates more than 70 events in Germany and abroad. Among them are 22 important world-leading trade fairs. Outside Germany, Messe Düsseldorf is represented in more than 140 countries by over 70 agencies. Messe Düsseldorf counts more than 26,000 exhibitors at its own events, around 19,000 of them from abroad. Every year, 1.2 million trade visitors come to the events and around 500,000 of them come from abroad.

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And it goes on and on

Messe Düsseldorf already had a form-based configurator for several years that allowed the booking of exhibition stands. The experience gained with this configurator and the subsequent processes flowed into the development of the new 3D configurator, which, in addition to the technical innovations, brings with it a variety of other new possibilities. Through the continuous expansion and the interconnectedness of various systems & services, it will develop into THE TOOL for customer-oriented and individual trade fair planning. 

In 3D real time

Your booth is displayed in 3D real time, which allows you to move almost freely around the booth. This way you can get closer to the details of the booth to view them even more closely.


All your changes are immediately displayed in the 3D scene. This way you get direct visual feedback for every change and always keep an overview of your current configuration.


All configuration options including the corresponding prices are clearly displayed via the user interface. This allows you to easily configure your booth from all options.

Connected & Plugin-free

You can use the configurator without any further plugins - no matter if on PC, tablet or cell phone - but connected with all important tools & services to plan and book your booth.

Let the planning begin

The 3D configurator is designed to enable every interested customer to plan his entire trade show appearance as easily and intuitively as possible. All possibilities and restrictions that a certain trade fair stand or the trade fair or trade fair hall itself entails are already integrated in the configurator along with their pricing and are clearly presented to you. You don't have to worry about anything and can plan, book and successfully present yourself at the trade fair according to your ideas and budget.

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Your trade fair

All trade fairs at a glance. With the help of the digital trade fair calendar, you can see which trade fairs are starting soon and can directly select for which one you would like to plan your stand. In addition, the User Interface on demand provides further information about the trade fair itself. 

2021 01 27 Standuebersicht v004

Yours among many

In the stand overview, you have more than 30 predefined stand designs at your disposal, which you can further customize according to your own wishes. To help you find your desired stand in the abundance as quickly as possible, various filtering options are available. To make your selection even easier, some stands will be marked as top sellers, depending on the trade fair.

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The Corona Add-On

The corona pandemic did not stop at Messe Düsseldorf. In order to not have to cancel planned events in 2021, strict hygiene concepts were developed and six Corona-compliant exhibition stands were integrated into the 3D configurator. In addition, numerous features such as disinfection dispensers or Plexiglas walls for counters and tables were added, which are now also available for the configuration of all existing booths.

Always in corporate design

The user interface of the 3D configurator is wrapped in the corporate design of the respective trade fair so that you can fully focus on your event when planning. This feature is not only visually eye-catching, but at the same time you receive further information about your event and recognize directly when opening an older configuration, for which event your booth was originally planned.

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At the heart of the Messe Düsseldorf

Standing in the exhibition hall even before the event starts and admiring your own stand? No problem! Because the 3D Configurator uses the new exhibition hall 1 as the environment of the exhibition stand  reproduced true to scale in 3D. This not only helps you to better estimate the proportions, but also gives you a preview of how your individual trade fair stand can look in the halls of Messe Düsseldorf. In the future, other halls of Messe Düsseldorf will also be available here.

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36000+ possibilities, true to the original

Where only a few images of a booth can be provided in form-based configurators, in the 3D configurator all design booths are reproduced three-dimensionally and true to the original in all their possibilities, so that you can see exactly what you are getting. For this purpose, all stands are recreated in all stand types, i.e. head, row, corner and island stands, including the various wall, ceiling and stabilization systems as well as lighting concepts with the stand-specific lights and this for a variety of stand dimensions. 

Stand TourNatur

Individuality despite system stands

Thanks to a wide range of configuration options, each stand becomes truly unique. Perfect to put you, your brand and your product in the spotlight at the fair. And despite the already numerous options, the 3D configurator will grow steadily and thus allow an even more individual planning and design of your booth.

Stand construction systems

The basis for all stand designs are three different stand construction systems, which all offer specific features and configuration options. 


From very small stands to real giants. From 10 to 100 qmlarge stand spaces, everything is possible. Customize the size of your stand to your needs.

Wall materials

Whether wall color or accent color, you can customize your dream stand completely individually and choose from a wide range of different colors. 


In addition to the basic equipment, you can add cabins to your stand. The cabins can be positioned freely and are available in different sizes. 

Carpet colors

Not only the walls of your stand can be customized in color, but you also have various options for the floor.


You can also drag and drop additional pieces of furniture onto the stand and edit them. Here you have furniture from 9 different categories at your disposal.

Other equipment

In addition, further equipment such as extensions to the stand construction, luminaires, technology and consumables can be added to the configuration.

Stand types

All stands are available in different stand types and can be configured to fit your ideas. The options possible are head, island, row and corner stand. 

Everything stays in Place

Thanks to the updates in 2021, you will now have even more flexibility when planning your trade fair stand. Graphics or furniture already placed on the stand area do not have to be added again after a change of dimensions or stand type. These remain on your stand as long as possible. For this purpose, the graphics and furniture "remember" their relative position on the stand and can thus dynamically adapt to the new stand conditions.

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webgl konfigurator grafik upload messe duesseldorf

A picture says more than 1000 words

In addition to the predefined configuration options, the 3D configurator offers you further options to customize your stand even more by adding your advertising slogans, images or logo to the panels. Simply type in text or upload graphics, position them and you're done. The stand shines in your corporate design and offers a convincing long-distance effect. 

Individuality at full length

2021 laid the foundation for the configuration of even more individual and impressive exhibition stands: Gradually, more and more trade show booths are now available to you, giving you the option of uploading image material not only to individual panels, but also to walls. You can now select individual wall elements or entire stand sides and add graphics to them. The uploaded image always adapts to the selected area and can also be adjusted afterwards in its dimension and position.

konfigurator webgl grafikbespielung compare 01 messe duesseldorf konfigurator webgl grafikbespielung compare 02 messe duesseldorf

Exhibition stand to go

You have configured your perfect booth and want to open it again at a later time? Thanks to the unique ID that is generated when saving, this is no problem! The ID will be sent to you by e-mail and is also noted on all attached PDFs. By entering the ID you can open your booth again at any time and from any device. 

Messestand ToGo v004

And off to the next trade fair

Once saved, always there! If you have already saved or booked your planned stand for an event, you can call it up in no time at all in another event. Simply select the desired event and call up your booth via the ID.

Stand 4 Drupa v006 GIF

Keeping an eye on the budget

A well-planned trade show appearance has an impressive effect but is also associated with certain costs. To always give you full control over the financial aspects, the total price of your planned stand, including the additionally booked features, is clearly displayed at all times. In addition, you will receive a clearly broken down parts list of all selected stand options and equipment including quantity and unit price. 

konfigurator webgl datenblatt pdf messe duesseldorf

Order complete

If you are satisfied with your stand planning, you can request the stand or book it directly. In both cases, you will receive a complete overview of your selected stand including all chosen options. In addition to the basic equipment of the stand, all details of booked configuration options and products, such as furniture, cabins, technology, are clearly listed here. On top of that, you will also receive the complete overview by e-mail as a PDF. 

konfigurator webgl ausverkaufte staende sold out messe duesseldorf

Sry, Sold out

It can happen that fast. Since 2022, Messe Düsseldorf has been able to declare entire events or even individual booths as sold out in the blink of an eye and in real time via its dashboard. These are then marked accordingly in the 3D configurator and the 3D configurator can no longer be opened for the respective event or individual stands can no longer be configured. Saved configurations can be opened as usual in the respective event, but not requested or ordered. This avoids invalid requests and orders and is easier on your nerves.


Alongside the 3D configurator, Messe Düsseldorf's online registration is the main entry point for any exhibitor wishing to present their products or services at a Messe Düsseldorf event. In 2022, the 3D configurator was integrated into the online registration of Messe Düsseldorf.

konfigurator webgl Online Anmeldung Formular messe duesseldorf


For example, the form-based online application has been expanded to include the interactive 3D configurator, which offers all exhibitors the opportunity to put together their desired trade fair stand interactively and individually directly in the online application. All required data is automatically forwarded to Messe Düsseldorf's internal systems via an interface.

konfigurator webgl Aenderungsanfrage senden messe duesseldorf


In addition, an exhibition stand that has been configured via online registration can be opened again in the 3D configurator quite simply and as usual via the unique link. Here, changes can be made to the configuration and are received directly by Messe Düsseldorf as a change request, thanks to the unique assignment to the respective online registration.

konfigurator webgl responsive design phone tablet screen messe duesseldorf

Responsive Design

The responsive design allows you to use the 3D configurator on almost any device, no matter when and no matter where. For example, you can plan your next stand on your cell phone directly at a trade fair. The user interface adapts perfectly even on small devices and thus offers easy and comfortable planning.

Licht Schatten 0000 Auswahl 01 zugeschnitten

Lights on

With HDR Lighting, the entire scene is illuminated by an HDR Environment Map. The map provides the lighting information, including the large variations in brightness that occur in nature, and thus ensures realistic lighting of the entire 3D scene. The PBR materials use this information to generate realistic colors and reflections.

Licht Schatten 0001 Auswahl 02 zugeschnitten

and don't forget the shadows

Various methods are used for the representation of shadows. In a so-called shadow map, the shadow information is stored in relation to the light source. However, these shadows can appear very hard and angular. Thats why the PCF method is used here, which offsets the pixels in the shadow map with their "neighbors". This makes the shadows softer and more realistic.

messe backstage v003

Messe Düsseldorf Backstage

Messe Düsseldorf can quickly and easily adjust many aspects of the configurator on its own. Certain stands for trade fairs can be blocked or price updates to their furniture can be made. Therefore, Messe Düsseldorf has full control over the entire product range and can make changes directly.   


Messe Düsseldorf would not be where it is now if it did not recognize and seize optimization potential. In 2022, the backend not only received a facelift in the form of a clear and easy-to-use dashboard, but the entirety of the data with its dependencies was cast into a higher-performance data structure.

admin panel statistiken


In the dashboard implemented in 2022, all important statistics regarding the 3D configurator are listed. This makes it possible to see at a glance how many inquiries and orders have been received – globally or per event. There is also a ranking of the system stands and the furniture and equipment used, on the basis of which Messe Düsseldorf can create further analyses and evaluations. 

Veranstaltungen Cards

Projects & Events

The entry point to the dashboard is the overview of all events, so that it is directly visible which events are currently available in the 3D Configurator. Messe Düsseldorf has the possibility to maintain all data in detail, with which the event presents itself in the configurator. It is also possible to set the available stands and products as well as their event-specific prices. The expiry and publication management can also be planned here. 

Produkte Cards


All products offered in the 3D configurator – such as the system stands or their equipment – are maintained via the dashboard including title, description, images, availability, base price and categorization. In addition, it is possible to specify the initial configuration of the individual system stands as well as the available stand sizes and to maintain the configuration options. The most important information is also shown in the overview.

Preis Layer v002


All prices at a glance and over the course of the years – this is made possible by the overview of prices in the Messe Düsseldorf dashboard. In the background, a smart layer system decides which price is delivered at which time and in which version of the 3D configurator. In addition to the basic prices of the years, there are also event- and partner-specific prices that overwrite each other according to a certain logic.

Stuhl Uebersetzung v004


The 3D configurator is multilingual and therefore the translation of all configurator and product-specific data must be maintained. The translations can be made directly on the product or summarized via a list of all translations and languages. 

Partner Karte


Maintaining good partnerships is important. Each partner of Messe Düsseldorf receives an individual version of the 3D configurator. For this purpose, all relevant data of the partner can be easily maintained via the dashboard and the deployment for the respective partner can also be carried out directly. An overview shows the completeness of the most important data. 

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Once we've started, we just can't stop ...

The 3D configurator has been launched and includes many stands and features already. But that is by no means all. In the next already planned phases, the configurator will be expanded and improved and will hold many more surprises. Just check out our site or the 3D configurator and find out as soon as new features or functions are available. 


icon WebGL


The Konfigurator has been implemented in WebGL and is available on all common browsers without plugins.

icon responsive

Responsive Design

The configurator is available on smartphone, tablets and desktop PCs thanks to its Responsive Designs

icon diamond id

Individual Configuration

Each configuration is assigned an individual ID and can be retrieved again at any time.

icon synchronisation

Realtime prices

With each change of the configuration the price is recalculated and displayed clearly.

icon upload


Function for uploading your own graphics for a custom-designed exhibition stand.

icon pdf document


A data sheet containing all important data can be created for each configuration at any time.

icon translation


The configurator is available in three languages. Further languages can be integrated at any time.

icon unlimited

Milliarden Möglichkeiten

product range, including the associated configuration logic, has been integrated into the 3D Echtzeit Konfigurator