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Bringing sound to life - this is the guiding principle of Sonor GmbH since 1875. The manufactory based in Bad Berleburg stands for outstanding quality in drum construction and is one of the world's most famous drum manufacturers. The 3D WebGL  Configurator developed by redPlant allows the high customizability of the SQ² series and is pioneering for the entire drum industry.

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Music meets Realtime

A Configurator for drummers from drummers. To make the drummer's heart beat louder, you need the competence of genuine drummers. The SQ² 3D Configurator was developed from conception to implementation, always in high-frequency collaboration with Sonor's employees, who are firmly rooted in this scene.


Procedural Drums

Each drum is dynamically generated at runtime from different parts according to the construction rules. The different widths, depths and wall thicknesses of the shells are produced procedurally. Shared components, for example the lugs and hoops are instantiated independently of the shell type.

Sonor Shooting

High-quality textures of the surfaces are necessary for a realistic and consistent representation of all materials. For this purpose, photos of all surfaces were created in a uniform reference size under defined conditions. Afterwards they were prepared and projected as textures in original size onto the procedurally created drums. The visualization of the drum is almost identical to the final product.

preset when start sonor sq2 configurator

Just Play

For a quick introduction to an individual configuration, the user can chose a preset. He can start with a 4-,5- or 6-piece layout or directly "from the scratch".

isolated drum layout mode in sonor sq2 configurator

Place to be

With us the drummer is in the thick of things. All drums automatically align themselves to the Drummers Throne. In the Layout mode, the position and height of each drum can be adjusted individually. We take care of the optimal alignment.

sonor sq2 configurator base material

Custom as you are

No time-consuming drum by drum configuration. All basic properties are defined in the Base Material. This is automatically applied to all drums. With just a few clicks a custom drum set is created. If that's not enough, you can of course configure everything up to the last screw individually. No matter how crazy your setup, we make sure that your configuration can be produced.

Get Your Set

By creating an offer, the configuration is provided with a unique ID and can be recalled at any time. To make your set come true, we have stored all SQ² certified dealers in the Configurator.

social media connection of sonor sq2 configurator

Social Showdown

The interaction with social media was a key feature of the SQ² Configurator from the very beginning. By the active sharing of configurations meanwhile 45% of the SQ² prospective customers become aware of the Configurator through social media. By using a Deep Link on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, the Drum Set can be shared, reopened, further configured and finally purchased.

Nothing is Lost

Can I find my older Drum Set in 3D? Of course! With the SQ² Configurator you can also restore Drum Sets produced before 2017 using their UPID or serial number. So your existing Drum Set can be extended at any time with further components and viewed interactively as an overall result.

configurator webgl responsive desktop tablet iphone sonor drums


Along the way or at home. Thanks to the responsive design, the individual Drum Set can be configured on all display sizes - whether desktop, tablet or smartphone - without restriction.

SQ² Worldwide

With 9 languages, the configurator offers a worldwide ordering facility for all SQ² fans. It is linked to Sonor's merchandise management system and thus guarantees all current prices. The total price is calculated immediately after each change of configuration.

Easily expandable

Since its launch in 2017, the SQ² Configurator has been continuously optimized and further developed in order to keep the SQ² Configurator up to date and to be able to offer the latest SQ² products. Thanks to the initially defined workflows for the integration of new features, materials and products, this is possible without any problems.


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Implemented in WebGL and available on all common browsers.

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Real Time Pricing

Any changes to the configuration will lead to an update of the total price.

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Social Media Connection

Through a social media connection, the individual configuration can be shared with friends and prospective customers.

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Responsive Design

The SQ² Configurator adapts to all terminal devices.

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The Configurator offers worldwide ordering in 9 languages for all SQ² fans.

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Individual Configuration

Generation of a unique ID with which the configuration can be opened and further configured at any time.

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Billions of Possibilities

The SQ² product range has been integrated into the configurator together with the configuration logic. Thus, the configurator guarantees billions of possibilities for configuration.

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Microservice Architecture

With the help of Docker, a Microservice-Architecture was implemented. This leads to custom extensibility without the need of rebuilding all existing data structures.